#9 Toshy

Concept: With his birdhouse, Toshy shows us how he looks at the opposite sex. Birds, which means "young woman" in slang, have more faces than men. Women know how to surprise you. Especially when you think you understand a woman she brings out another personality. That surprising versatility is not always beautiful, but it makes it a challenge for the man. The opportunity to touch the soul and the heart of a woman. An exploration and struggle that makes the man creative, put him up for a test and eventually allows him in to her heart...

A bird house as protection of heart and soul. A nest where the birds feel safe and at home. Once entered you are nestled.

Visual: "Bird House" shows us a woman faces collage. Such beautiful eyes, nose and lips, but as one, it shows us different looks. The text contains the lyrics of the song "Birdhouse in Your Soul" from the American alternative rock band They Might Be Giants (1989). On the roof: two pictures of two naked women, this symbolizes mirroring. If a woman can mirror herself to a man as her match, he has managed to make a nest in her soul. The access door is fitted with a rose poodle as a guard dog. Once entered, the man is welcomed by the text "welcome" and behind that is a bright heart.

Materials: glue, print, paper, acrylic, binder, paint pens